SAINTGITS: Defining Growth Objectives

Aaroh is connecting Saintgits to untapped audiences


Saintgits Group of Institutions in Kerala comprises of College of Engineering, Institute of Management and the College of Applied Sciences. NBA Accredited courses, ranked No 2 in Kerala – with a geographically limited reach. Saintgits needed to be seen and heard in larger parts of Kerala, neighboring states and some other countries in order to attract high quality students from these geographies.

CMO on Demand: Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Sharpened positioning by developing key messaging aligned with the organizational objectives and changing audience set
  • Developed brand positioning, brand identity, core values, vision, mission statement, visual identity and content guidelines
  • Developed end-to-end digital campaign plans for different parts of the year
  • Created a robust online presence for Saintgits and engaged the community on the key events at Saintgits
  • Launched a comprehensive digital campaign to improve their visibility across the state to increase the number of applications from students keen to explore the courses offered by Saintgits

Saintgits Marketing on tap

Marketing on the Tap: Campaign roll outs
  • Revamped the website, improving the ranking in search engines through onsite and offsite SEO initiatives
  • Consolidating and transforming social media presence for each of the colleges and through official pages, regular updates as per messaging hierarchy
  • Managing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages – creating content calendars through regular in person meetings with key leadership of individual institutes
  • Increasing Social Media engagements for the College Fests and other extra curricular activities
  • Developing short filmsfrom the variety of exciting events at Saintgits and managing YouTube Channel to give the audience a glimpse on “Life at Saintgits”
  • Developing campaigns to engage more students from Kerala and other states and countries

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