Expanding into Overseas Markets?

Aaroh empowered the Swiss-based world’s number 1 hospitality management college
to connect with the Indian community


The oldest and most prestigious Hospitality management college in Switzerland desired greater representation in its student body from India – a globally sought-after community.

CMO on Demand: Understanding an audience

  • Developed surveys and questionnaires to determine strategic areas to develop
  • Disseminated relevant surveys for students, counsellors and parents
  • Developed a consolidated message hierarchy for the Indian market
  • Developed the right strategy for the college’s conversation with the student community in India seeking to study abroad
EHL image

Marketing on Tap: Increasing Brand Visibility

  • On location shoot, editing and finalization into a short, interesting and informative film which will be used globally as an important showcase for USFS collaborations with governments across the world towards conservation of forests and wildlife.
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