Outsourcing Your Marketing Services

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Marketing is an integral function of an organisation. Led by the leader of the organisation itself. Earlier support functions like IT, HR, Accounting, payroll, etc. have been outsourced. Can Marketing be outsourced? This function defines your brand, your image, your persona in the marketplace. Can you let another organisation play a large role in such a critical area which has very long term implications? Would you feel insecure about allowing another organisation to play with your brand? Your image, your pricing, your attractiveness as a recruiter, as a supplier – all these and more…

Let’s get a better understanding of outsourced marketing services.

What does outsourced marketing actually mean?

We ask someone external to our organisation to handle our marketing function at the strategic and/or execution levels.

Why outsource :

  • Marketing Strategy and execution should be managed by professionals with marketing experience
  • Services of a team of experts are invaluable.
  • Outside/specialist insight on your business and market
  • Attuned to the latest industry updates and trends
  • Your focus remains on the core of your business
  • Marketing Consistency is assured
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Lower your cost of personnel
  • Access to skills as per the current requirements

What is the process 

  • Your marketing partner understands your aspirations and does market mapping
  • You work out a plan – a go to market strategy for the coming year
  • Your marketing partner helps you and your leadership team to come up with messaging that will work for the company for the next 3-5 years atleast
  • Both work together to arrive at the marketing campaigns required
  • Your partner finds the appropriate people and agencies best aligned for your industry segment and your campaign
  • Your partner monitors the execution of the campaign as it rolls out in the marketplace – monitoring vitals at any point in time
  • Revisit campaigns as you make progress in the market

What are the advantages 

Providing outsourcing marketing solutions has traditionally been an effort to reduce costs. However, in the last decade or so, Outsourcing has been taken to a new level by many large organisations. It has now become a critical business strategy for large and small organisations which goes beyond cost cutting. There are plenty of marketing outsourcing companies in India willing to lend their expertise for an organization to grow. So what can we achieve through outsourcing – here are some thoughts/possibilities for your organisation:

  • Access to right skill at the right time
  • Access the deep skills of best quality specialized talent for the current role.

Sometimes, these highly specialized personnel join only specialized organisations and wouldn’t be willing to join organisations which has stronger focus areas other than their area of expertise. Flexibility – hire as per the requirement of the job/campaign, etc. Hire the CMO on Demand for 5 hours a week, hire a manager for 24 hours a week, hire an executive for 40 hours a week for 4 months. Change this at different stages of your campaign – for example: set up requires different skills than roll out.

  • Unbiased access to 360 degree marketing solutions – recommendations are not coming from a biased, specialized agency. It is aligned to your marketing requirements rather than specialized skills of a particular agency
  • In this day and age of mushrooming agencies, you will have access to agencies with strong record of delivery

Challenges, if any? 

  • You lose knowledge when your campaign is over. Today in the day and age of content rich marketing, this is a major loss. Choose your partner carefully after a strong due diligence.
  • Your partner could be running an important function of your organisation

What should you look for in a partner: 

  • Understanding and experience of the outsourced model for marketing – remote campaign management essentials and tactics
  • Experienced marketing practitioners in leadership and decision making roles
  • Diversified consulting experience in marketing for industry alignment
  • A willingness to work with you in the long term
  • Willingness to align the appropriate resources to you
  • Ability to generate strong content and message