Marketing on Tap

Marketing on Tap

Services Provided by Aaroh Marketing and Communications

Aaroh Marketing and Communications offers an innovative approach to marketing through marketing on tap service which enables start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to scale up and grow through world-class marketing campaigns.

Make Your Marketing More Effective with Marketing on Tap Services

Aaroh develops marketing campaigns aligned with your marketing goals and enables execution with definite results within budgets and timelines. Aaroh provides shared services in marketing and communications through marketing campaigns which are a perfect way to grow your business.

Marketing on Tap

World-class marketing campaigns designed to scale your business with clear marketing goals


  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Website development, SEO and SEM
  • Social media audit, management, marketing
  • Videos, blogs, classifieds
  • Email marketing
  • Online Reputation management


  • Employee branding and engagement
  • Culture, core values, quality, ethics trainings and campaigns
  • HR, leadership and goal-based communication
  • Curriculum development and training for Sales and Marketing


  • Sales campaigns
  • Develop event messaging
  • Collaterals and exhibits
  • Invitation management
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting
  • Pre and post event activities

Explore Aaroh Marketing on tap service

Aaroh develops a detailed roadmap that outlines your marketing campaigns within budget and timelines. We provide flexible execution of your SME Marketing Strategies through our Marketing on Tap Services. We plan your marketing campaign and then operationalize and execute them with the aid of our Marketing on Tap Services. Our clients alike have benefited tremendously through a combination of our services Marketing on Tap and CMO on Demand.

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