7 Marketing Approaches to Create an Effective Product Launch Campaign

Pruducto Launch

Gone are the days when you could write a catchy jingle, create an iconic image, a line or two of content and then cross your fingers that good results would follow.

In today’s buyer-centric economy, the strategy has to change to a more transparent one, and the channels need to widen because you never know when someone is ready to take a look at you and where they might be when they do this. The other thing to aim for is an enduring quality in your launch campaign – one that gives it the certain ‘viral’ quality everyone so desperately wants today – so that the offering endorses itself even when you stop.

So, to summarize:

  • Keep the customer front of mind always
  • Use all marketing channels available
  • Create a campaign that endures when you stop promoting

Ok so you might be wondering, how exactly do I create such a memorable, long-lasting presence for my product launch? Well I’m here to take you through a step-by-step instructable on just that

  1. Identify your audience – Whom are you taking to? What makes them happy, annoyed, interested, and engaged? In short, what is their buyer persona and how can you target them effectively?
  2. Be SMART about it – Have you heard of SMART? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). This is far from just another buzz worthy acronym – it actually works. It helps to record tangible results along the campaign and allows you to set effective goals and benchmarks critical to your launch and after-launch analysis
  3. Lay down your benefits and values. This is easier than it looks. If you’ve optimised your landing page for SEO, have delineated a clear value proposition and have strategically places CTA (Call to Action) buttons, you can effectively market the uniqueness of your product to a prospective customer
  4. Nurturing – you thought your work is over once leads start converting on your landing page? Wrong. That’s when the most important aspect of this operation begins. It’s best here to built either an automatic or semi-automatic lead nurturing platform to keep your marketing influencers feeling important to the whole process
  5. Write good blogs – If your product campaign is as wonderful as you believe, why not tell the whole world about it? Use your blogspace as the first step to showing people how you can help them and why it might be good for them to share your product or service
  6. Track your campaign URLs – It’s essential to know where your traffic is coming from, which channels convert and how. If the traffic keeps coming in, you’ve struck the right channel. If you’re trying too hard, you’re in the wrong one
  7. Report Everything – It is essential to measure every aspect of your campaign to identify opportunities where you might be able to make your customers happier
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